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Rhythmic Gymnastics




Our recreational program offers basic rhythmic gymnastics technique; perfect for beginners! Gymnasts will learn proper apparatus handling, conditioning, stretching and dancing.

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Our competitive program offers a variety of levels that suits the perfect level for each gymnast. All gymnasts will be given an opportunity to perform their routines in front of judges and will compete in the province.

Please visit our 'Registration' page for more details!



Our national stream program is by invitation only and hosted by the club HPTCI. Gymnasts in this level will compete in the province, Canada and Europe. For information, please click the 'Contact us' button for more info!


Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that requires flexibility, strength, grace and coordination. It is a unique sport that is a combination of classical dance, gymnastics and apparatus handling. Each gymnast performs with the motion of an apparatus, whether it’s a rope, ball, hoop, clubs or ribbon. The apparatus and the unique movement of the gymnast create a beautiful routine which they passionately combine together with the art of music.

Rhythmic gymnastics is not only a great sport to develop an understanding of movement and grace, but it also beneficial for the future. This sport builds confidence, work ethic and creativity but it also develops an important relationship with your coach and the other gymnasts you may train with.



The Rhythmic Royals Gymnastics Club is a non profit organization in the hopes of expanding the knowledge of rhythmic gymnastics all over Manitoba. We offer a variety of programs both competitive and noncompetitive for girls ages 5 and up. Rhythmic Royals is Winnipeg’s Premiere Club for Rhythmic Gymnastics and we are proud to offer the best programs and coaching in Manitoba. Our programs focus on developing flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, musical awareness and creativity, while learning the basics of the sport in an enjoyable environment. All of our coaches are certified under the Canadian Coaching Certification Program and are certified in First Aid and CPR. We are proud to say that we have produced many athletes who have been able to win Provincial, Western, and National Championship titles. Many of our certified coaches have also won coaching awards within the province.

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